Screen printing is ideal for bags and t-shirts but can also be used for umbrellas, cooler bags and smaller items such as notebooks and folders.

Using positives and a light exposure unit, a “logo-exposed” screen is produced. Ink is then pushed through the screen in the areas where the logo is exposed and onto the product that is being printed. Ink is bonded (cured) with the item by sending it through a heating tunnel or oven.

Screen printing allows for a maximum of 6 print colours, which are printed one at a time so accurate registration is essential.

Detail in the print can be excellent, although very fine detail and text smaller than 3mm high should be avoided as the details can “close up” during printing due to the ink bleeding or based on the texture of the product. Product textures can impact on print quality and superior detail can more easily be achieved on a smooth fabric as opposed to a coarse fabric